Vigilant Solutions announces today that the Bexar County Constable’s Office, Precinct 3, used its license plate reader (LPR) system at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo to improve its enforcement of local warrants and also make a number of arrests, improving the safety for those attending the event.

Bexar County Constable Mark Vojvodich, states, “The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo attracts nearly one and a half million visitors. With this many people converging into a relatively small area, it provides a great opportunity to go and peacefully enforce some of the outstanding warrants in our County. Many of these warrants are a result of people failing to pay a simple traffic citation or failing to appear in court. The original fines were issued to discourage unsafe driving habits – habits that are proven to endanger lives and property. If we fail to enforce these fines, then there are no consequences for those committing offenses and the unsafe behavior continues. If we are able to consistently enforce these fines, then over time we hope to see a reduction in citations due to voluntary compliance of our laws. All of this results in safer roadways and lives saved.”


“The warrant roundup effort was extremely successful,” adds Vojvodich, “as we cleared 142 warrants and made 41 arrests in roughly one week. The LPR system from Vigilant, using a hotlist we created from our outstanding warrants, was used to scan the parking lots and streets surrounding the event helping us to locate these individuals. We were able to peacefully resolve and clear 142 warrants which is good for both the County and the individuals involved. We were able to avoid arrests and prison time for many of these individuals, and almost $30,000 in outstanding funds due to the County were collected. Many do not realize that these funds can offset property taxes, help fund better schools, and improve infrastructure. This effort would not have been possible without the LPR technology from Vigilant.”

Founder and President of Vigilant Solutions, Shawn Smith, states, “Bexar County Constable Vojvodich is a real leader that cares about his community. We applaud him for his efforts to make a difference in Bexar County, and look forward to continuing our great relationship.”

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