Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facing the Facts About Biometric Facial Recognition Technology

I recently spoke at the Biometrics for Government and Law Enforcement conference in Washington, DC. The more I speak...

Five Recommended Best Practices for Your Facial Recognition Investigative Workflow

Capturing good probe images, enhancing lower quality images, facial analysis, two-tier verifications, and identifying your possible match. During my tenure...

Best Practices to Prevent Facial Recognition Misuse and Bias

Combat False Narratives with These Investigative Processes The report issued by the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law...

Facial Recognition: Racial Bias, Privacy & Misuse

Facts, Metrics, and Accountability Needed to Combat False Narratives about Misuse and Racial Bias Last week I read several articles...

Facial Recognition: Have Spoofing Countermeasures in Place

In a recent WIRED magazine article, published on August 19, 2016, the title states, “Hackers Trick Facial Recognition Logins...

Without Human Analysis, False Positive Rates Impact the Perception of Facial Recognition

Television has created a very unrealistic perception of facial recognition technology that many interpret as reality. Big Brother is...

Retaining Images of Lower Quality for Facial Recognition

Enhancing Images to Generate Investigative Leads The facial recognition process is made very easy for an analyst or investigator when...

Past, Present, and Future of LPR and Facial Recognition

Get Plugged-In to Tom’s Take on the Direction of LPR and Facial Recognition for Law Enforcement The law enforcement world...

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