Without Human Analysis, False Positive Rates Impact the Perception of Facial Recognition

Television has created a very unrealistic perception of facial recognition technology that many interpret as reality. Big Brother is...

Interstate Tolling

Yes, the time has come.  While many of us may not like the concept of interstate tolling, the brutal...

Drug Trafficking Operation Identified with Vigilant Solutions LPR Data

Watch our latest "True Story" animation involving an interstate drug trafficking organization identified using Vigilant Solutions license plate recognition...

The Legal Aspects of License Plate Recognition

It isn’t uncommon for people to be concerned about any new method used by law enforcement. With an increasing...

Motor Vehicle Registration Enforcement

While deployed for law enforcement, Vigilant's LPR solution can also serve other interests.  A prime example of this is...

Vigilant Would Like To Thank…

...all of the California Law Enforcement officials who supported the opposition of Senate Bill 1330, legislation intended to outlaw the...

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