Vigilant Solutions is Going to IACP 2018

Come see what new products we are bringing to Orlando We’re heading back to IACP in Orlando, Florida this week!...

On the Road in Florida: Lunch and Learn Tour

It’s not every day the Vigilant Solutions team goes on a roadshow. In mid-August, our team hosted a series...

A ‘Thank You’ to Law Enforcement from Vigilant Solutions

Dear Officer, You work tirelessly to keep our communities safe, putting your life on the line every day to protect...

Open Letter to Vigilant Solutions Customers

Dear Vigilant Solutions Customer, We know you are experiencing an onslaught of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Public Records...

Making a Difference as a Law Enforcement Officer

Today’s the last day of Vigilant Solutions celebrating our take on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! All week long we...

How the Duty to Protect and Serve Led David Rivera to Become a Member...

Spending only one day appreciating our current and former members of law enforcement did not sound right to us...

How Being Part of Law Enforcement Allowed Tom Joyce to Help Others

We’re celebrating National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day all week long at Vigilant Solutions. After all, for all the work...

How an Arrest Led to a Lifelong Friendship

Happy Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Week! All week long, we are sitting down with members of our team who are...

Becoming a Member of Law Enforcement Fulfilled a Lifelong Dream

At Vigilant Solutions, those who protect and serve have a special place in our hearts. We know how tirelessly...

Connect the Shots: Staying Vigilant in Times of Rising Gun Violence

Whether it’s Pew or Gallup, there are reports of anywhere from 270 to 310 million guns in the US....

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