Five Recommended Best Practices for Your Facial Recognition Investigative Workflow

Capturing good probe images, enhancing lower quality images, facial analysis, two-tier verifications, and identifying your possible match. During my tenure...

Mall Safety Makeovers: Investment in Fixed Cameras Adds Up for Retailers

Fixed license plate recognition cameras create a virtual fence at shopping centers and malls for improved safety and security. Reports...

Best Practices to Prevent Facial Recognition Misuse and Bias

Combat False Narratives with These Investigative Processes The report issued by the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law...

Facial Recognition: Racial Bias, Privacy & Misuse

Facts, Metrics, and Accountability Needed to Combat False Narratives about Misuse and Racial Bias Last week I read several articles...

Is LPR Data Constitutional?

A Complex Question with a Simple Answer License plate reader (LPR) data and technology providers like Vigilant get asked the...
Whose Data is it anyway?

Whose Data is it Anyway?

*Updated 10/26/2016 When it comes to license plate recognition data, why is this even a question? On the 15th anniversary of...

Situational Awareness from Every Angle

If I wasn’t clear enough in my previous post, I like to keep things simple. When it comes to...

Facial Recognition: Have Spoofing Countermeasures in Place

In a recent WIRED magazine article, published on August 19, 2016, the title states, “Hackers Trick Facial Recognition Logins...

Five Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Our Lunch and Learn

An LPR and facial recognition lunch and learn that delivers on the lunch, and the learn, minus the sales...

It’s Never Too Late to Become a High-Tech Crime Solver

When it comes to using the latest and greatest technology, I am the cliché, a man who would prefer...

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