NYPD 79th Detective Squad’s Response on September 11, 2001: Get it Done

How the men and women of the 79th Detective Squad in Brooklyn responded on 9/11/2001 when the day went...

Never Say Never

A call for vigilance for law enforcement everywhere. Recently, a mainstream media outlet reported that a small town in Pennsylvania...

Vigilant’s “Why” Is Something Bigger

Why I am proud that we say yes, when it would be easy to say no. As I am sure...

Homicide Investigators in Pursuit of the Truth

Is your investigative arsenal incomplete? What is LPR? Or is it ALPR? Or is it ANPR? I know what it...

Support for Law Enforcement Takes Focus with New White House Administration

As I scanned my news feed this morning, I came across an article in LifeZette by T. B. Lefever...

Facing the Facts About Biometric Facial Recognition Technology

I recently spoke at the Biometrics for Government and Law Enforcement conference in Washington, DC. The more I speak...

As Line of Duty Deaths Rise, Keep Your Head on a Swivel

The calendar year 2016 was a good year for me personally. It was a great year for the company...

We Know Why You Wear the Badge

For community, country and family. Overwhelmingly, officers told us those were the top three reasons why they wear the...

Five Recommended Best Practices for Your Facial Recognition Investigative Workflow

Capturing good probe images, enhancing lower quality images, facial analysis, two-tier verifications, and identifying your possible match. During my tenure...

Mall Safety Makeovers: Investment in Fixed Cameras Adds Up for Retailers

Fixed license plate recognition cameras create a virtual fence at shopping centers and malls for improved safety and security. Reports...

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