It’s Never Too Late to Become a High-Tech Crime Solver

When it comes to using the latest and greatest technology, I am the cliché, a man who would prefer...

Without Human Analysis, False Positive Rates Impact the Perception of Facial Recognition

Television has created a very unrealistic perception of facial recognition technology that many interpret as reality. Big Brother is...

Retaining Images of Lower Quality for Facial Recognition

Enhancing Images to Generate Investigative Leads The facial recognition process is made very easy for an analyst or investigator when...

Four Truths About LPR

Just the Facts License Plate Recognition, LPR, helps to solve problems for law enforcement agencies and communities. In fact, LPR...

Filtering for Year, Make, and Model. You asked. We delivered.

Now You Can Search LPR Data Without the License Plate It’s all about the data, no paper! Just like the song;...

Past, Present, and Future of LPR and Facial Recognition

Get Plugged-In to Tom’s Take on the Direction of LPR and Facial Recognition for Law Enforcement The law enforcement world...

The Art and Science of Effective Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technologies have long been a frustration for police investigators.  The reality has never really quite lived up...

See what Mobile Companion can do for you

Released only a couple of months ago, the Vigilant Mobile Companion is quickly getting attention from law enforcement everywhere. The...

Dallas License Plate Reader Program wins “Best of Texas” Award

Congratulations to the Dallas Police Department for winning the "2014 Best of Texas" award for its License Plate Reader...

Setting the Record Straight on Vigilant Solutions Terms and Conditions

Vigilant Solutions was recently made aware of some outdated and misleading information in the media regarding the Vigilant Solutions...

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