Novato sees continued results from Vigilant LPR

Two people in a stolen vehicle from San Anselmo took off when a Novato officer attempted to pull them...

Sparks to use Vigilant LPR / ANPR

A license plate recognition (LPR / ANPR) program that will help local law enforcement track motor vehicles used in...

Novato Police Make an Arrest Using Vigilant LPR / ANPR

A Vigilant license plate / number plate reader (LPR / ANPR) in a Novato Police patrol car identified a...

Cape Girardeau PD Deploys Vigilant LPR

The Cape Girardeau Police Department has deployed Vigilant LPR on a patrol vehicle. “We are looking for stolen vehicles, stolen...

Vigilant’s NVLS referenced on Law & Order SVU

While looking for a child in danger, SVU detectives are able to identify a suspect.  Captain Cragen (a character...

Portage Police use Vigilant LPR / ANPR as investigative tool

Cruising down a city street Thursday afternoon, the Portage Police Department's newest tool honed in on license plates of...

Springfield Deploys Vigilant to Reduce Crime

A Vigilant license plate recognition (LPR) system was recently installed on a Springfield Police Department 2011 Ford Crown Victoria....

Motor Vehicle Registration Enforcement

While deployed for law enforcement, Vigilant's LPR solution can also serve other interests.  A prime example of this is...

Joplin is Vigilant

Joplin PD deploys Vigilant as its LPR solution. Watch the video.

LPR Scalability

With any system involving large amounts of data, scalability is paramount.  The Founders of Vigilant Solutions, and much of...

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