The Cape Girardeau Police Department has deployed Vigilant LPR on a patrol vehicle.

    “We are looking for stolen vehicles, stolen license plates, felony warrants, Amber Alerts, registered sex offenders,” police spokesperson Darin Hickey said.

    He says the reader scans each license plate through the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC). But all that information doesn’t bounce back to the police. Instead, police only receive information that’s valuable to them.

    “It’s not giving us every registered owner. It is just checking for wanted and stolen,” Hickey said. “We got the license reader camera out the other day when Poplar Bluff had their incident with the child abduction because that information was in NCIC for that suspect vehicle. So we had our license plate reader camera out running just in case the suspect did come to Cape Girardeau.”

    The Cape Girardeau PD received the $18,000 to $20,000 system from the Missouri Police Chiefs Association.

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