Vigilant Solutions announces today that its LEARN analytic software and commercial license plate reader data helped a law enforcement agency locate a suicidal missing person. Because of the nature of this case, the agency has requested to remain anonymous and have certain aspects of the case obscured.

A detective from the agency reports, “An officer from the Missing Persons Unit called me and requested that I run a missing person’s license plate number through our LEARN database.” LEARN accesses the LPR data that the agency’s systems collect and also provides access to Vigilant’s own network of over 3.5 billion commercially generated LPR detections.  “The missing person’s license plate had been scanned several times at a nearby address after she was reported missing, so officers were dispatched to the location. Upon arriving at the address, it was discovered that this was a parking lot for a retail store. The vehicle was located in the parking lot, and upon inspection a large blood stain was noticed in the driver’s seat. There appeared to be more blood in the back seat.”

“While waiting for the wrecker to tow the vehicle to the impound lot for further inspection, we went into the store and viewed video from the day the vehicle was first scanned at the location. We witnessed the vehicle entering the parking lot, and observed what appeared to be a female matching the description of the missing person exit the vehicle and enter the store. The subject entered the store and turned right in the direction of the restrooms. We continued to watch the video hoping to get a better view of the subject upon exiting the store. After approximately 40 minutes, we observed two uniformed officers entering the store and also observed several fire personnel enter the store only five minutes later.”

EMS Police

“Upon further investigation, it was determined that emergency personnel responded to a call that night about a female who had attempted suicide in the women’s restroom. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital and later transported to another hospital for further treatment. Because of this commercial license plate reader data, we were able to connect the dots in this investigation; the woman’s identity was confirmed, her family was notified, and she was removed from the NCIC missing persons database.”

Shawn Smith, Founder and President of Vigilant Solutions, comments, “We are thankful that these first responders were able to use our commercial LPR data and LEARN analytic tools to help locate this missing woman. In this case, we are pleased to find out that the woman was safe and already receiving medical attention, but we are hopeful that the ability to identify her aided in her treatment and recovery and brought some peace to her family.”

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