Vigilant Solutions announces today that it has reached an agreement with MVTRAC that will enable law enforcement to have greater access to commercially-generated license plate reader (LPR) data via its hosted LEARN® analytic software to assist in law enforcement investigations.

Vigilant Solutions, through its Digital Recognition Network (DRN) operations, offers the largest commercially gathered LPR dataset available to U.S. law enforcement via LEARN. LEARN offers advanced analytics along with agency-managed access controls and auditing. Today’s announcement will now enable Vigilant Solutions’ law enforcement customers to have access to well over 3 billion historical LPR scans and over 100 million new LPR scans monthly.Vigilant Commercial LPR Data

“Analytics are made more powerful with additional data,” said Shawn Smith, Founder and President of Vigilant Solutions. “We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with MVTRAC to further enable our law enforcement partners to use this additional data. Coupled with our LEARN analytic solution, law enforcement will enhance its ability to combat crime and improve the safety of our families and communities.”

The data from MVTRAC has the same attributes as the existing data from DRN and only contains a photograph and text of a license plate, along with the time, date, and location coordinates of the photograph, and other information for auditing purposes. There is no personal information contained in the data, and it is legally gathered in publicly accessible areas. The anonymous letters and numbers of the license plate may only be connected to a registered owner by law enforcement, in a different system used to access DMV data, under the rules set forth in the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act.

LEARN is also used to manage LPR systems deployed by law enforcement and make investigative insights into the collected data. LPR data gathered by law enforcement systems remains the property of the respective agency, and is managed by the agency according to their access controls, data sharing rules, and retention policies. The commercial datasets offered by Vigilant are provided to law enforcement to supplement their own LPR programs and empower their investigations. Law enforcement generated data is never shared with or sold to commercial entities.

“We are equally as excited to be working with Vigilant Solutions,” adds Luke Smith, President of MVTRAC. “Vigilant Solutions’ LEARN analytics, and the data behind them, have proven themselves to be an effective tool for law enforcement for the generation of investigative leads, ultimately leading to improved case closure and reduction of crime. It is very rewarding to know that the combination of our data and Vigilant’s advanced analytics will enable law enforcement to better protect and serve.”

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