Visualize and access information about crime gun incidents, forensic test results, and any pattern-based crimes, using detailed, interactive maps to enhance and accelerate investigations.

Accelerate investigations with actionable intelligence

Vigilant CrimeSearch provides officers, investigators, analysts, and agency command staff the ability to quickly query all of their contributing databases via a single-source geo-based investigative search tool, providing timely and actionable information by harnessing all of the available digital information.

Generate more leads and close more cases faster

Allows agencies to opt-in to share actionable information across jurisdictions to increase capabilities for detecting associations needed for investigative follow-up.

Pattern crime mapping, data retrieval and analysis solution.

Automates how agencies collect, associate, map and leverage law enforcement data, investigative information and forensic reporting results to advance criminal enforcement strategies and tactical operations.

Vigilant CrimeSearch data sources*

A single-source geo-based investigative search tool

With Vigilant CrimeSearch, law enforcement agencies no longer have to rely on numerous disparate databases to conduct queries related to crimes within their own and surrounding jurisdictions.

A force-multiplier for pattern and serial criminal activity

Vigilant CrimeSearch automatically searches for and finds key and non-obvious relationships within data sets to help investigators and analysts accelerate investigations and increase case closures and interruption of serial crimes.


Use every day strategies to collect and input evidence into databases


Search all your databases at once to associate different evidence with similar crimes


Present evidence together on an interactive map or list


Share your data with other jurisdictions to combine forces and data

Features of Vigilant CrimeSearch

Integrates with LPR, Facial Recognition and Ballistics Analysis tools to provide a seamless investigative tool

Quickly uncover associations between crimes utilizing an assortment of customized searches of an agency’s RMS and LIMS systems

Map participating agencies’ ballistics data (NIBIN & BallisticSearch), narcotics activity, gang data, and DNA

Share actionable intelligence across jurisdictional lines to detect connections between crimes

Map customized criminal and non-criminal activity categories utilizing the agency’s RMS data for an immediate visualization of potential crime patterns and “hotspots”

Robust search functionality, including cross field, synonym, wildcard, batch, range and stemming searches.

Vigilant CrimeSearch in action

Following a gun battle involving rival drug gangs, Vigilant CrimeSearch provided our agency with rapid access to critical pieces of disparate information from multiple sources that we layered upon one another to help us make sense of a complex crime scene, leading to the arrest and conviction of the criminals involved.


With Vigilant CrimeSearch, agencies can:

Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Actionable information quickly delivered to investigators to enhance early case interviews and interrogations
  • Overall time-savings by only searching one source, versus conducting several redundant queries on various unintegrated systems
  • Cross-jurisdictional information sharing
Reduce crime rates
  • Early identifications
  • Quicker apprehensions
  • Disruption of pattern crimes
Increased officer and public safety
  • Aid for command planning and resource allocation
  • Provide background information necessary to enhance situational awareness and drive safe field and investigative work
  • Results in overall safer communities

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