Vigilant Solutions announces today that Deer Park Police Department in Deer Park, Texas is protecting its community with Vigilant Solutions’ license plate recognition systems and online investigative tools. Purchasing two mobile LPR systems earlier this year, the department is seeing tremendous results and plans to continue its expansion and use of the technology.

Captain Sharon Massey comments, “We had used another vendor’s system for some period of time, but began exploring our options as that system became obsolete. In talking to our in-car-video provider, it was highly recommended that we look at Vigilant Solutions. We began our evaluations and found that Vigilant offered the functionality that we were looking for, as well as some unique features that were not offered elsewhere. The availability of additional LPR data from Vigilant and tools to leverage all of this information, such as LEARN and Mobile Hit Hunter, gave us the confidence that we were making the right decision. In hindsight, we have seen great responsiveness and support from Vigilant and they have certainly lived up to their recommendation.”

Captain Massey adds, “We deployed our first two systems earlier this year, and they have already paid for themselves. Literally, in terms of the almost $30,000 we have been able to recover related to over 150 outstanding warrants, and more importantly in terms of our ability to take criminal elements off the street. In addition to the warrants that we are now able to enforce, the system has resulted in a similar number of traffic stops including a number of stolen vehicles and other persons of interest. Also, we had a hit-and-run occur where the only lead we had was a partial plate and vehicle description. Searching the system, we saw a match and were able to ascertain a probable location to investigate based on historical data. We located the vehicle at the location, and the driver confessed to the hit-and-run.”

“We are looking to expand our use of Vigilant license plate recognition with additional mobile systems while at the same time following some of the concerns in the media regarding the use of LPR technology. We have a strict written policy that the system is for official and legitimate law enforcement purposes only. All of our officers are trained on the policy and understand the ramifications of breaking policy. We believe that the system is helping us do great work within our community, and our residents should feel good that we have this tool available to help keep our streets safe,” concludes Captain Massey.

Shawn Smith, Founder and President of Vigilant, states, “We are happy to have Deer Park as a customer, and we are very glad to see that they are realizing the benefits that LPR technology has to offer in protecting its officers, their families, and the Deer Park community.”

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