Vigilant Solutions announces today that its license plate recognition (LPR) data and investigative tools were used to identify a significant smuggling organization involving over twenty (20) vehicles being used to transport narcotics across the country.

A police officer in Alabama that works as part of a criminal interdiction task force in cooperation with other agencies and drug interdiction specialists throughout the country used Vigilant Solutions LPR system and historical database to further an ongoing criminal investigation. Earlier this year a vehicle was stopped in the northeast region of the United States, where an aftermarket hidden compartment was discovered that contained a large amount of cocaine worth almost half a million dollars. The officer stated, “I checked the vehicle’s license plate against Vigilant Solutions’ national network of historical LPR data and saw it had been scanned multiple times, dating back to 2011, at various locations around the country”.

The officer continued, “Through further investigation another vehicle was linked to the earlier seizure. I also ran this license plate against the Vigilant LPR data where it had also been scanned in the same areas as the other vehicle. Finding these two vehicles related in terms of location prompted us to do some additional research into these locations. Shortly after this finding, one of the suspect vehicles was stopped in the southeastern region of the United States. This vehicle was also transporting a large amount of cocaine, hidden in a secret compartment.

“The historical LPR data and investigative tools from Vigilant are solely responsible for us identifying locations and over twenty (20) vehicles to date that are a part of this group. Additionally, in just one of our vehicle stops, we were able to seize over nine-thousand (9,000) doses of cocaine and prevent this dangerous drug from hitting the streets…and possibly falling into the hands of a child or precipitating a violent crime. I am confîdent that our investigation, enabled by Vigilant, will result in identify many more vehicles, allow us to seize more drugs, and ultimately bring about the downfall of this large drug trafficking operation. I am amazed that some states are considering a ban on this data or are planning to limit its retention – this information saves lives,” concludes the police officer.

Shawn Smith, President and Founder of Vigilant Solutions, comments, “We appreciate the recognition of the officer, but the true credit for taking these drugs off the street and identifying this cartel goes to him. It was his initiative, passion and determination that made this possible.”

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