Spending only one day appreciating our current and former members of law enforcement did not sound right to us here at Vigilant Solutions. In fact, we know you deserve much more, which is why we’ve extended National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to a week.

    All week long, we’ve been sitting down with members of our team who are former members of law enforcement. Today, we sat down with our Product Development team member, David Rivera to talk about his time with the New York Police Department (NYPD).

    Why Did You Choose to Protect and Serve?

    One day, I saw a group of officers respond to a woman being assaulted. Watching and hearing the woman repeatedly thank the officers for saving her from further injury inspired me to want to join the NYPD, to serve and protect the community where I grew up.

    What Is Your Favorite Memory During Your Time in Law Enforcement?

    I had the privilege of building the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). This center represented my years of experience performing police related work and afforded me the opportunity to implement technology to assist investigators with the tools needed to reduce crime, not just in my old neighborhoods but the entire city of New York.

    Do You Have Any Words of Advice?

    My son is a young Deputy with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa. I tell him that the job will have many bad days because he will be dealing with people that can’t help themselves, but they will seek his understanding, empathy and advice. It’s a unique opportunity to assist those in need and leave a lasting impression. He will change people’s lives for the better and may never know it.

    Tune in tomorrow as we celebrate the last day of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Week with Director of Business Development, Roger Rodriguez, and his time with the NYPD.