Now You Can Search LPR Data Without the License Plate

It’s all about the data, no paper!

Just like the song; it’s all about the data, no paper. LPR data analysis has just transformed in a way that is akin to when the iPod Touch became the iPhone. Vigilant now offers the ability to search LPR data without a license plate. Yep, you read it right. You can now find vehicles of interest using only year, make, and/or model. Our LPR analytic product, LEARN, now gives any officer with a login the ability to search and/or filter searches with this data.

LPR data. LPR data analytics. Records Management Systems (RMS) data analytics. Data, data, data. It’s all about the data. Data to assist in the investigative process has been here since police departments have been keeping records. And, for over 100 years those records were on paper. When I first became a police officer in Brooklyn, NY for the NYC Transit Police, there was one computer, in a locked room and one person had access. Anyone could look at paper records and peruse till their heart’s content. But God forbid you have access to that computer. I am even aware of the coppers slipping the “terminal manager” a 5 spot to run a name check… or a cup of coffee at a minimum. His name was Herbie, and I bet he had a 5 year run of building up his kids’ college fund and a caffeine binge that he may still be feeling the effects of.

That was 1985 and here we are today in 2016, where Vigilant Solutions is offering an LPR data analysis query to our clients that can refine or filter a vehicle of interest search from tens of thousands down to a few.

I think this is what they meant when someone coined the term “game changer!” Even better, this is what American physicist, Thomas Kuhn meant when he identified the paradigm shift. Paradigm shifts don’t just happen, but rather they are driven by agents of change. Those agents are you – hard working men and women of law enforcement. We heard you and we are delivering.

About 3 years ago in 2013 I had a Sergeant, from one of the agencies we work with reach out and ask for assistance. It was a major case with media attention and they needed help. They were running LPR data analysis queries that were resulting in thousands of vehicles of interest. In the end the list was over 63,000 cars. They needed to find a particular mid-90s Pontiac Bonneville. We were able to help by running an offline query and filter through the vehicles. Now, the result was approximately 250 vehicles fitting the description. THAT is a time saver. THAT is efficiency. THAT is working smarter not harder. And no, the Sergeant did not slip me a $5 bill. We did it because we want to help you and your agencies catch bad actors who commit terrible crimes. As a result, we knew we had to build that search into our online tool, LEARN, so everyone had access – so we did.

So my fellow investigators and analysts, get out there, fire up LEARN and start searching. Run an address, set up a radius and filter by date and time. And then, if you can handle it, filter by YMM. You will fall on the floor when you see your list go from hundreds to single digits, thousands to double digits. And if you really want to go crazy, throw in a partial plate with a wildcard search. And share your success stories. I would love to showcase how data transforms your investigations in future posts.

And if you’re not using LEARN right now – you need to be. Your life will change as you know it as soon as you add this data to your investigations. I’m serious.

Search by Year, Make, Model