Vigilant Solutions introduces the Community Protection Program (CPP) today to provide a flexible, budget-neutral way for agencies of all sizes to deploy a technology suite that may otherwise be unaffordable.

The CPP technology suite includes license plate recognition (LPR) technology, facial recognition, commercially available LPR data, LPR analytic tools, a mobile phone app, and several other tools that are proven to enhance officer safety, generate investigative leads and close more cases, improve criminal apprehension, and ultimately reduce crime and save lives.  While these technologies have traditionally been difficult to purchase due to budget constraints, CPP addresses this by eliminating cost of ownership concerns and making these technologies available as a service.

For a quarterly service fee, Vigilant Solutions will deploy the CPP technology suite for any community.  As CPP is a service, all costs associated with deployment, start-up, maintenance, product updates and other expenses traditionally associated with product ownership are borne by Vigilant and included in the quarterly fee.  There are no warranty or licensing fees outside of the program fee.  As any of the hardware elements of the CPP suite reach end-of-life, Vigilant is responsible for maintaining all hardware under the service plan.

Every community has thousands – if not tens of thousands – of outstanding capias warrants.  These warrants have been adjudicated and the individuals to which these warrants are assigned have agreed to pay the associated fees to clear these warrants.  As part of the CPP program, agencies have the option (at no additional cost) to have their Court Management System interfaced to the CPP program to create a warrant hotlist for use with their LPR systems.  Vigilant, in cooperation with partners in the public records space, will “cleanse” the warrant hotlist to ensure that ONLY vehicles that can be positively associated with a warrant absconder are included in the LPR hotlist.

The use of LPR to locate vehicles associated with warrant absconders allows for friendly enforcement of warrants.  Using LPR to locate vehicles belonging to warrant absconders, absconders are stopped by officers and reminded of their obligation to pay the fees associated with their warrant(s).  As part of the CPP program, agencies will be issued a City- or County-specific on-line payment processing portal for clearing warrant payments and warrant accounting.  Warrant absconders are issued a unique PIN number associated with their warrants and encouraged to go online and pay their warrant to avoid jail time. For vehicles that are parked and unoccupied, Vigilant will provide printed reminders to place on windshields of vehicles that contain the payment processing website and unique PIN number for the absconder.

Compared to a vehicle being impounded and an individual being arrested for non-payment, CPP presents a welcome alternative to both the absconder and the law enforcement agency.  Increased clearance of these warrants provides additional funds that can be returned to the community, while eliminating the costs associated with impounding a vehicle and booking an individual into prison.

As additional protection to the agency, Vigilant Solutions offers its Performance Promise to agencies using CPP for warrant enforcement that they will achieve a budget-neutral position.

For more information on the CPP program, click here.