No one likes to think that their city is prone to crime; however, we all know that crimes are committed on a daily basis. If you want to increase the likelihood that the police will catch the criminal, then using a license plate recognition (LPR) system is the way to go. Vigilant Solutions offers you the technology you need to simplify your job and help you locate not only specific vehicles, but also patterns and vehicle hotlists.

Endorsed by the IACP (The International Association of Chiefs of Police)
License plate recognition is one of the most effective tools in crime management. Quickly entering the mainstream, this technology is continuing to provide for law enforcement use to fight auto theft, drug trafficking and even identity theft.

Use the Tools Effectively

The cameras offered by Vigilant Solutions are of the highest quality. Designed to be out in all sorts of weather, cameras are available in both fixed and mobile designs. Using the LEARN intelligence platform Vigilant cameras are secure, scalable, and comprehensive.
The platform combines multiple sources of information and condenses it into usable, actionable information that will help you to protect your community. Fixed cameras can be attached to light poles around town. Mobile units have a low profile suitable for mounting on vehicles and at checkpoints. There is even an app that can be used with iPhones or Android devices.

How Do I See the Data?

Once a license plate is captured you will receive a time and date stamped color picture of the car, an infrared scan of the plate, coordinates of the capture and information on the operator and the camera used. No personal data is included; only information permitted by the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act is included.

If your goal is to improve safety and reduce vehicle theft in your community, then nothing can beat the LPR systems offered by Vigilant Solutions. Contact us now for more information.