With any system involving large amounts of data, scalability is paramount.  The Founders of Vigilant Solutions, and much of its development staff, have deep rooted experience in data aggregation and warehousing.  This experience has proven valuable to Vigilant in its national data sharing initiative, widely known as NVLS, and also to its many customers that have deployed large-scale, high-volume ANPR / ALPR systems of both fixed and mobile cameras.

    The LPR industry has struggled with scalability for many years.  As the technology advanced and became more prevalent in the market, and as the agencies using the systems began realizing the importance of the data for investigative use, LPR data volumes began to grow – testing the boundaries of the database architectures, data availability, and response times.

    Imagine a system with 1 billion ALPR records in total.  Imagine a system that adds 40 million records on a monthly basis.  Imagine that this system is sharing data with roughly 25,000 law enforcement professionals across almost 2,500 agencies nationwide.  Imagine that this system provides industry-leading advanced querying and analytic capabilities.

    Stop imagining – this is Vigilant today.  Having scalability and/or performance issues with your current provider? – we can help.  Contact Vigilant to become a part of the largest LPR network in the world.