Today’s the last day of Vigilant Solutions celebrating our take on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

    All week long we sat down with members of our team who were former members of a law enforcement agency to reflect on their time. We’ve heard stories about how being a member of law enforcement fulfilled a childhood dream to how an arrest led to a lifelong friendship. As this week comes to a close, we have one more story left to share.

    Today, we’re talking with Roger Rodriguez, Retired New York Police Department (NYPD) Detective and current Director of Business Development at Vigilant Solutions.

    Why Did You Choose to Protect and Serve?

    As a child, I remember asking my friend’s father, a Sergeant for the NYPD at that time, why he became a police officer. He answered, “It’s my opportunity to help fix things and make them right. When you do that, you make a difference. There’s no better feeling.” That statement always resonated with me well into adulthood. When I had the opportunity, I took the NYC Police Officer civil service exam in 1989 and eventually was appointed as a police officer for the NYPD. As an introduction to policing, I was assigned to one of the toughest precincts in New York City – South Bronx. I quickly realized the work environment was tough and dangerous, and the work schedule was very demanding; however, I also realized it was a very necessary job and was rewarding when you helped those who could not help themselves. It highlighted a need that someone had to be there for the good people in every community.

    What Is Your Favorite Memory During Your Time in Law Enforcement?

    My favorite memory from working for the NYPD was the great camaraderie we had with each other. The friendships and bonds formed were very unique. We always found the time to collectively come together and bring out some laughter even during the most difficult times. In this profession, strong friendships and humor are very necessary. It helped us cope with the realities of day-to-day police work.

    Do You Have Any Words of Advice?

    Your career will also fly by quickly. Find your place in all of it. Set goals and objectives, and hold onto them. Take the good qualities from some officers in this profession and learn from the mistakes of others. Make them your own to become a better officer. Find your niche in this profession because there is a necessary place for everyone. We all make a difference in the lives of the public every single day. And most importantly, always remember there are good people in every community who need you and admire the work you do. Just like the kid from the Bronx did many years ago. He saw police fix things and make them right. He saw them make a difference. He went on to do the same and also found there was no better feeling.

    Thank you to those who have and are currently doing their all to help protect us. We are grateful to work with you all, and look forward to continuing our promise of delivering you the tools you need to stay vigilant. Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!