When it comes to using the latest and greatest technology, I am the cliché, a man who would prefer using his bare hands and experience to a smartphone to solve a problem. I am a member of a generation that has had to adapt and learn to take advantage of technology rather than grow up immersed in it.


Over the course of my six years as a member of the Marine Corps. Special Forces, and 22 as a police officer with four different law enforcement agencies in the state of Oregon, I was always wary of new technologies and their accompanying promises. I mean, I thought a palm pilot was when I wrote ATL info on the palm of my hand. However, I did see value in high-tech solutions. It was simply a matter of determining which solutions were the most helpful. As a result, each product or program was subject to the same simple questions:

    • Is it straightforward to use?
    • Does it do what it’s supposed to do?
    • Does it make me more efficient as a soldier/officer?
    • Does it make me more effective?

If the particular technology answered all of the above in the affirmative, then it was worth my time to adopt and utilize. I believe law enforcement agencies should take the same approach. If the product or program cannot answer those simple questions – then let it go. In an increasingly complex world, it really is that simple.

Vigilant’s LPR Solution Checks All the Boxes

Since I retired and began working for Vigilant Solutions I have had an opportunity to learn about and work for a high tech company. Now, I wish I could have used these tools while I was on patrol and conducting investigations. I realize now how effective and helpful this technology is to officers working the road and in specialty units.

LPR technology, the data it provides law enforcement, and the analytics from Vigilant enable law enforcement to generate investigative leads and solve thousands of crimes across the country. From missing to persons, to hit and runs, to homicides, LPR data can help you solve any crime involving a license plate regardless of age, rank, or experience level.

Vigilant’s LEARN software is designed by former law enforcement officers who have been in your shoes. And that’s why the system packages the data and analytics in a user friendly, common sense-driven interface that anyone, even me, can use. Most importantly, it can make you more effective in solving crimes quicker, and provides you with real-time intelligence alerts to keep you safer on the job.

In posts to come I will explore the benefits of the technology along with more specifics about the types of data and analytics that LPR technology solutions offer to you and your agency. In the mean time, keep an open mind and explore the ways in which this technology can help you and your agency. Take it from me, it’s never too late to become skilled in something new that actually works for law enforcement.

Scott Dye
Scott served for six years in the United States Marine Corps, and is a 24-year law enforcement veteran and National Police Trainer. He is a retired Lieutenant from the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), and prior to joining Vigilant Solutions, Scott was a representative for Killogy Research Group a Warrior Science Group Partner and sponsor of Grossman Academy under Lt. Col. Grossman. Scott’s brother was shot in the line of duty and survived, an incident that further inspired Scott's dedication and expertise in situational awareness and training.
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