If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we are truly flattered.

Always innovating and providing visionary products, Vigilant Solutions introduced the original LPR cloud well over five (5) years ago.  Since that time, Vigilant has serviced more than 30,000 sworn and 3,200 agencies with cloud products and services for LPR.

While many expressed doubts about the viability of a cloud solution in law enforcement, Vigilant’s many law enforcement partners have proven that cloud is the way to go.  Smaller agencies leverage Vigilant’s robust and secure law enforcement data center and eliminate the need to invest in servers and storage space, and they also benefit from Vigilant’s expertise in working with Big Data that requires in-depth database administration (DBA) skills.  Likewise, larger agencies that may have the ability and resources to invest in servers and DBAs make the informed choice to use Vigilant purely based on a business decision…servers and Big Data are core competencies of Vigilant and can be accomplished in a more cost effective manner via outsourcing.

Vigilant offers much more than “just” cloud storage and application hosting, and anyone considering a cloud solution should consider the following benefits offered ONLY from Vigilant, the original LPR cloud provider:

– Vigilant’s LPR cloud solution runs within a law enforcement data center featuring network and physical security that rivals that of many financial institutions, and our security document will make most IT types drool (yes, I said it).
– Vigilant’s LPR cloud solution has proven scalability and performance.  It manages roughly 2.5 Billion (yes, with a “B”) LPR records and grows by roughly 100 million LPR records monthly.
– Vigilant’s cloud solution is the ONLY solution to offer access to the largest privately collected LPR data source in the country – if not the world (yes, the world).
– Vigilant’s cloud solution is the ONLY solution that has proven and deployed integrations for ALL major competitive LPR systems. Vigilant’s cloud solution is competitive data agnostic.
– Vigilant’s cloud solution is the ONLY solution that provides patented LPR analytics such as Locate Analysis, Associate Analysis, Stakeout and more.
– Vigilant’s cloud solution is the ONLY cloud solution offering point-and-click data sharing capabilities with thousands of law enforcement agencies within the United States.

Why trust anyone else with your cloud LPR solution?  Trust the proven leader in the industry and benefit from a wealth of data and powerful analytics not offered elsewhere in the industry.

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