We’re celebrating National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day all week long at Vigilant Solutions. After all, for all the work members of law enforcement have done for their communities, they deserve more than just a day.

    In honor of the week, we sat down to talk to members of our team who formerly served in a law enforcement agency. From former members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to the Salem and New York Police Department (NYPD), all of our teammates come from different walks of life but share the same passion – keeping communities safe.

    Today, we spoke with our Vice President of Business Development, Tom Joyce, and his time as a Lieutenant and Commander of Detectives at the NYPD:

    Why Did You Choose to Protect and Serve?

    I joined the NYC Transit Police in 1986 until they merged with NYPD in 1994. At first, I was lukewarm on police work until I got a taste of it. Then I fell in love. I am a natural protector and hate predatory behavior. I found being a proactive police officer on patrol, then eventually an investigator of serious violent crime, helped me help people.

    What Is Your Favorite Memory During Your Time in Law Enforcement?

    The camaraderie of police officers is probably only comparable to the military. I have lifelong friends that I may not talk to for 20 years and we can pick up a conversation like it was yesterday.

    Do You Have Any Words of Advice?

    These times are hard. Your best “weapon” is your brain. Know the law, know your policies and procedures, and administer justice within those constraints with a balance of mental and physical strength, as well as compassion to the evil doers. And always go above and beyond for the victim.

    Tune in tomorrow as we continue our celebration of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day by talking to Product Manager, David Rivera and his time at the NYPD.