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Contact Phone: 901-545-9825
Address: 621 Monte Cristo Blvd., Tierra Verde, FL 33715

Partnering with some of the premier companies in the public safety industry has allowed us to take products from multiple manufacturers and create a fully supported turnkey network optimized for citywide deployments or capable of operating in a stand-alone environment. Our wide range of product offerings allows you to deal with one entity to design, develop, and deploy a multitude of solutions including: Mobile Surveillance Trailers, Mobile Command Centers, QuadRotor UAV’s, PTZ and Fixed Camera Enclosures, Mobile and Fixed License Plate Recognition, Gunshot Detection, Line of Sight and Non Line of Sight Radio Wireless Systems, NBC Detection Equipment, FLIR Thermal Cameras, In-car Video Systems, Bait Cars, as well as a wide variety of analytical options all controlled through ONSSI’s enterprise-grade VMS.