Get Plugged-In to Tom’s Take on the Direction of LPR and Facial Recognition for Law Enforcement

The law enforcement world is a different place than it was four years ago.  So is Vigilant Solutions.  I just received likes and congratulatory comments on LinkedIn celebrating my four year anniversary at Vigilant Solutions – hard to believe it’s been four years.  Before I came to Vigilant I was the market planner at LexisNexis for the Public Safety market.  While there, we aggressively pursued acquiring LPR data from Vigilant for integration into their flagship online tool, Accurint for Law Enforcement™ because we knew it was valuable to the law enforcement community, especially for investigators and analysts.  Terms could not be reached, unfortunately, but I saw an opportunity.  I wanted to be a part of what the Vigilant vision was, to build a valuable database of LPR data, build analytical tools around that data and create the most comprehensive data sharing environment in the U.S. public safety arena.  It is now 2016, four years later, and I think we have accomplished just that.

LPR Analytics

LEARN, backed up by more than 4 billion detections nationwide, has become a premier investigative tool and the only one of its kind; LPR data analytics.  The tools are expansive and robust.  Users can query by plate number, by location and partial plate numbers.  Agencies can get an alert on a created hot plate in near real-time, anywhere in the country with our mobile app.  Users can generate leads for pattern crimes and make links to associated vehicles that could be part of criminal enterprises. The tools are easy and visual.

Facial Recognition Analytics

FaceSearch™, a facial recognition investigative tool, could be considered the offspring of LEARN.  With the same technical infrastructure as LEARN, FaceSearch launches your facial recognition requests backed up by over 16 million nationwide jail booking images and then offers the ability to upload a local gallery and share that gallery with any other agency so chosen.  Another nationwide sharing initiative has been launched and is growing.  To say FaceSearch is innovating the public safety facial recognition space is akin to saying Google or Apple are “cutting edge”.  An understatement!

The Best is Yet to Come

But, that does not mean that Vigilant is done.  We will continue to innovate; not just in the LPR space, but in the Facial Recognition field as well.  And, we will do so by communicating and listening to our customers and leveraging our Subject Matter Experts to which we have four.  Myself, a retired NYPD Detective Commander, Mark Rivera, a retired Sergeant from the Maryland State Police with an area of expertise in Fusion Centers and CJIS policies, Scott Dye, a retired Lieutenant from Oregon with a background in training, and Roger Rodriguez, a retired Detective from the NYPD who may be the world’s most experienced Facial Recognition user in the public safety domain.

I am proud of the work and progress the entire Vigilant team has made.  We have significantly increased our public safety footprint, not only in the U.S. but also globally over the last four years.  We have added a portfolio of products with features that federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are using every day to identify and locate the most violent offenders.  Murderers, rapists and child abductors are being held accountable for their actions every day by our customers across the country.  I look forward to the next four years (hopefully more) to where our partnerships with our customers and our desire to innovate together can take us.  I don’t think it’s too bold to say that if an agency is considering a deployment of LPR or Facial recognition that Vigilant MUST be in the conversation.

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