Using data collected by a privately-owned license plate recognition (LPR) system, investigators in Temecula identified a suspect in an armed robbery involving a crossbow.

    On the evening of March 8, a man entered a retail establishment in Temecula and drew a crossbow, court records say, ordering the store keeper to hand over his cash.

    Surveillance video from cameras at a nearby condominium complex showed a Ford van pulling into the area and parking out of view shortly before the robbery. Minutes later, the suspect can be seen walking to the smoke shop and then running back in the direction of the van. Next, the van can be seen on the surveillance video driving away, court records say.

    One of the surveillance cameras at the condo complex was equipped with an automatic license plate reader (ALPR or LPR), which logged the license plate number from the van, court records say.

    Investigators were able to use this information to identify the suspect and link him to the robbery.

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