Ballistics image capture and analysis

Within minutes after a shooting, agencies can know the number of unique firearms utilized in the incident. These actionable investigative leads provide agencies the information they need to solve crimes faster.

What we do

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Capture image of cartridge case

Analyze cartridge case

Link shootings and identify firearms

Within minutes Vigilant BallisticSearch can:

  • Instantly group the fired cartridge casings
  • Immediately identify the number of unique firearms utilized in the incident
  • Automatically identify the cartridge(s) best suited for entry into the NIBIN system
  • Scan all associated fired cartridge cases to search for potential links
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy in the CSA and Potential Link software

Benefits of the system:

  • Vigilant BallisticSearch does the initial sorting and triage while Firearm Examiners are able to work on other cases
  • Nationwide sharing
  • Affordable and scalable
  • Can help reduce crime rates
  • Can help laboratories reduce and eliminate backlogs

Vigilant BallisticSearch in action

Vigilant BallisticSearch offers a virtual comparison microscope for Firearm Examiners to conduct side by side comparisons, with features for annotations and reporting, when comparing probe images against potential cartridge links from the Vigilant BallisticSearch nationwide gallery.

Every minute counts

When fired, each firearm leaves a distinct impression that is unique to the firearm. Vigilant uses patent pending software to carefully identify and compare potential links between fired cartridge cases and firearms. These connections help develop new investigative leads within minutes, even from the crime scene.

For agencies without a Firearm Examiner, they can electronically submit their cases to our Virtual Correlation Center (VCC) where certified Firearm Examiners will review the scanned images with the comparison microscope, verify the groupings, search the gallery for potential links to other shootings, and provide a Potential Link Report back within 24 hours.

Vigilant BallisticSearch
Image Capture Station

Vigilant’s BallisticSearch Image Capture Station is designed to deliver the easiest and fastest approach for law enforcement agencies to capture and compare cartridge cases from crime scenes and/or recovered weapons. The device is compact, portable, and stable to operate on-the-go, at crime scenes and in laboratories.

  • A single self-contained piece of hardware
  • USB-powered compact and easy-to-use scanning device
  • Outdoor/Indoor operation ready
  • 5 MP ultra-sharp sensor with multi-angle LEDs for 3D model creation of the cartridge case of interest
  • Fast image capture in approximately 45 seconds per cartridge case
  • Durable storage and carrying case

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