Early warning and notification alert system

Vigilant CampusWatch™ helps to provide law enforcement with approximately 3-5 minutes to respond to, investigate and disrupt or prevent a potential critical incident.

Identify threats before they enter your campus

Secure the perimeters, alert key staff in real-time via desktop or mobile apps and collaborate with law enforcement. Improve campus morale with safety measures.

Multi-layered technology

Vigilant CampusWatch™ is comprised of multi-layered technology designed to give campus officials and law enforcement agencies an advantage over potential threats. The alert and notification system complements your campus’ existing security protocols, strategies and tactical plans. It does not eliminate the need for human analysis and critical thinking.

Your campus protection
starts off-campus

Outer perimeter
All roads approaching and surrounding your campus: Place fixed cameras in the outer perimeter help you stop a potential threat actor in its tracks or simply look for trends of unauthorized vehicles.
Middle perimeter
Inside campus roadways and parking areas: Place fixed cameras in the middle perimeter to take your protection one step further to let you know when an unauthorized vehicle is on campus.
Inner perimeter
Campus entrances and buildings: Your entrances and sensitive locations are the last line of defense against a potential threat. Use our inner perimeter FaceAlert system to identify these threat actors before they have the chance to act.

Customize our platform to meet your needs

  • Create your own database of safe-designated and threat- designated individuals and vehicles; change it at any time.
  • Develop watchlists. Consider sex offenders, known criminals, disgruntled former employees, barred community members such as gang members and drug dealers, non-custodial parents or estranged partners.

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