Vigilant Solutions’ facial recognition technology utilizes biometric algorithms of facial landmarks to find potential matches to help law enforcement develop strong investigative leads.

Images and analytics power investigations

We support agencies of all sizes, providing more images, better recognition, and faster results.

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Investigative leads

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Use on any platform
Access Vigilant’s facial recognition technology through mobile devices, web browsers or desktop applications to quickly upload and process images to the agency gallery, manage watchlists and receive alerts important to your assignment, and search against a gallery to identify potential matches.
Retain and use probe images of any quality
Breakthrough pre-processing tools give agencies the ability to utilize high and poor-quality probe images from social media, doorbell cameras, cell phones and CCTV cameras
Quickly analyze over 350 facial vectors
We continue to refine and innovate to deliver more accurate recognition results.
Compare images to Vigilant’s gallery
Go beyond jurisdictional boundaries and your local agency gallery and utilize Vigilant's robust, nationwide gallery that is growing every day.
Share data nationwide with other agencies
Easily share data among agencies nationwide to accelerate investigations and increase case closure rates.
Host in the cloud
Increase the likelihood of potential matches by uploading your agency gallery and eliminate the need for servers.

How facial recognition works

While our facial recognition solution and analytics deliver possible matches,
it is up to the agency to examine the matches and apply standard investigative protocol to confirm a possible match.

Gallery created by capturing or uploading mugshots


Probe image is uploaded to the facial recognition application


The algorithm creates a face print of the probe image


Facial recognition compares the probe image against the gallery


Facial recognition application returns a list of potential matches


The potential matches are reviewed by a face examiner and submitted for peer review

Vigilant provides a comprehensive and policy-based approach to facial recognition

Get the tools and answers you need

Compare your images against Vigilant’s gallery, which currently houses millions of images.
Start developing leads and solving more cases with Vigilant FaceSearch.

Facial recognition for video
Extract images from video clips acquired in your investigations. Select the best still image and import it directly into the software for searching against any gallery.
Reporting for case files
Output specialized reports detailing matches or other dispositions to include in your case files. Send images into your agency “No Match Gallery” and receive alerts when the image returns a possible match at a later time.

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