Vigilant Solutions’ license plate recognition (LPR) tool, helps agencies develop more leads and solve more cases. All of the data and analytics received from LPR detections across the nation are housed in Vigilant’s cloud, LEARN.

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Challenged to do more with less

Our technology better equips your agency by adding our vehicle location intelligence (analytics and vehicle detections) to your open cases to develop more leads, and fuel investigations efficiently and effectively. Thousands of vehicle detections alone won’t solve crimes; they create more work. That’s why we do more than provide detections - we help with the leg work with powerful analytics that make sense of those detections, enabling your agency to develop targeted leads so you can close cases.

Investigative capabilities
solving more crimes faster

Because our solution was built by former law enforcement, we understand the challenges you face; we know the crimes you investigate, and we know how to help you solve more crimes. Our LPR solution isn’t just for finding stolen vehicles. It’s for that and much more.

Agencies put our LPR solution to the test every day developing leads and solving crimes including:

  • Abductions
  • Assault
  • Burglary/theft
  • Drug rings
  • Homicides
  • Kidnapping
  • Missing persons
  • Organized crime
  • Pattern crimes
  • Rape
  • Terrorism
  • Trafficking

How license plate recognition works

To understand the power of our LPR solution, it helps to understand our approach to LPR.

Data capture
Fixed and mobile license plate recognition (LPR) cameras take photos of license plates capturing date, time and GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken—just like any smartphone camera.
LPR data storage
Each plate image captured, along with the data for that image (date, time, location) is stored in our Virginia database as an LPR record that can be searched only by authorized personnel.
Data ownership
Your agency owns the LPR data it generates and you can decide whether you want to share that data with other agencies. And the more data available, the greater chance you have to develop a lead.
Commercial data
Even without LPR cameras, you can still benefit by using our Commercial Data. We are the only LPR provider that can offer nationwide detections with even more added monthly.

Law enforcement agency sharing

We believe the power of LPR is in the data and analytics. In addition to access to our commercial data, agencies can choose to share with other law enforcement agencies to gain access to billions of detections nationwide.

Powerful searches:
plate, partial plate, year/make/model or address

Start any point to complete the investigative triangle of person, plate and location. Between agency resources, like DMV lookup, and Vigilant, we can help you complete the triangle to develop more investigative leads.

Search by plate
Search for plates on your hotlist, get alerts when the plate is spotted. Search historical data to find where the plate has been spotted in the past, whether the vehicle was present at the scene of the crime, or identify alibis and witnesses.
Search by partial plate
Enter a partial plate along with any other data you have like date, location or time and you can search for the full plate number.
Search by year/make/model
Narrow a potentially massive number of vehicles down to a manageable number, saving you time and resources.
Search by address
Focus on when and where a crime took place and compare it to historical LPR data to determine what, if any, vehicles were at the location during the time a crime occurred.

Reinforcing the thin blue line: in the office and in the field

Vigilant’s LPR solution works with you, when and where you need it.

In the field: mobile/car
  • Create and manage your hotlist of vehicles of interest
  • Receive alerts important to your agency and officers (customized to your agency)
  • Conduct vehicle canvasses: snap plates using your mobile device, immediately available for analysis
In the office: desktop/browser
  • Create and manage your hotlist of vehicles of interest
  • Receive alerts important to your agency and officers (customized to your agency)
  • Rapidly deploy resources to the correct locations

Camera solutions

Vigilant Mobile HD LPR/ANPR: outfit your squadcar with the best
  • Uses up to 4 dual-lens LPR cameras with Digital Signature Processors (DSP)
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Day/night interface for officer safety
  • Car Detector Mobile (CDM) software loaded to laptop and updates are automatically pushed to the car
Vigilant Fixed HD LPR/ANPR: employ strategicand intelligent scans
  • Placed at strategic locations for high-volume scanning in a city or critical infrastructure location
  • Integrated camera/processor unit with single Power-over-Ethernet for easy deployment
  • Dual-purpose camera with secondary ONVIF video stream available
  • Versatile, customized alerting to the right people anytime, anywhere
DSC_8929_second choice

Leading the way for LPR

Vigilant Solutions’ dedicated legislative team works full time to advocate for positive LPR legislation. LPR helps to solve crimes every day, and we work hard to make sure that agencies like yours can continue to realize the benefits of this proven technology.

Security, storage and privacy

Data privacy
Vigilant Solutions maintains strict controls to ensure data security and privacy. The only way to link personally identifiable information like a name, address, or face to anonymous data records is to obtain access to a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles database. That access is currently restricted by federal law via the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), and carries stiff fines and federal prison penalties for any violation.
Data storage
We store LPR data on secure servers in Virginia. Our provider hosts many Fortune 500 and government servers and provides redundant power sources, redundant fiber connectivity, redundant disk arrays, environmental monitoring, secure access control, physical escorts for onsite visitors, multiple diesel fuel backup generators, active fire prevention and suppression, and onsite system administrators and engineers. Alternatively, we can set-up onsite servers as needed.
Data security
Only credentialed law enforcement officers with a valid Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) number issued by the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may access the data on the hosted server. Vigilant Solutions is compliant with all relevant requirements set forth in the FBI-CJIS Security Policy.

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