Through Vigilant Mobile Companion, law enforcement agencies can leverage both license plate recognition and facial recognition in the field to accelerate investigations and improve situational awareness.

Actionable intelligence at your fingertips

Law enforcement agencies can now take license plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition into the field with the Vigilant mobile app, Mobile Companion. Using your mobile device, officers on patrol or in the field can create and manage hotlists of vehicles of interest, scan plates using their mobile device, and receive alerts. The app makes it easy for agencies to conduct vehicle canvasses and send case details back to the office.
Mobile hit hunter
Generates hits by matching Vigilant’s LPR detections against agency-managed hotlists. Matches in the user’s immediate area are shown on a mapped display (walking and driving modes are available) improving officer safety by enhancing situational awareness.
Facial recognition
Made incredibly simple and convenient on the Mobile Companion. Simply take a picture, or upload an image from a file or from social media, and match against the available gallery. Vigilant’s mugshot gallery is populated with CrimeStopper data and registered sex offender data.

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