Vigilant Solutions announces today that its LEARN analytic software and commercial LPR data helped a Southern California law enforcement agency locate and apprehend a suspect in a sexual assault case against a mother and her two young daughters. Because of the nature of this case, the agency has requested to remain anonymous and have certain aspects of the case obscured.

One of the detectives on the case explains, “On July 4th, a mother and her two young daughters were exiting a grocery store, when a vehicle pulled in front of them and obstructed their path of travel. The driver of the vehicle leered at the young girls while holding an article of children’s clothing and making an inappropriate sexual gesture. From the mother’s account, we had a description of the suspect and his vehicle, but only had a partial license plate. We were unable to identify or locate the suspect and vehicle by conventional means or through other law enforcement databases.”

“I ran a partial license plate search in the LEARN software, accessing over 80 million license plate detections in our immediate area, and almost 4 billion nationwide, and located one plate in our area that matched the vehicle description given by the mother. Using a different system, and with a permissible purpose authorized by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, I ran a records check of the registered owner that revealed the vehicle belonged to a registered sex offender residing in the area. A search warrant was obtained for the suspect’s residence and articles of children’s clothing were discovered. The suspect was arrested without incident.”

The detective concludes, “Basically we were able to identify this sexual predator in a matter of minutes using LEARN where conventional investigative and policing methods had failed. This could have taken much longer to accomplish the same result, possibly endangering many more potential victims.”

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