Vigilant Solutions’ Team Members Honors and Remembers This Police Week

    All week long, Vigilant Solutions’ team members are sharing stories about why they chose to wear the badge, and how they’re remembering and honoring those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice. Both Chris Scandole and Steven Bartholomew were drawn to a career in law enforcement due to the call of service and wanting to make the world a better place.

    Chris is a retired NYPD Detective and is currently a Manager on our Client Services team, while Steven is a retired ATF Supervisory Special Agent and serves as a Product Manager.

    What led you to wear the badge?

    CS: I joined the NYPD because I had family members in the NYPD that I looked up to. I heard their stories growing up, but it was the way they always acted that stuck with me. They were always there to help out, not just us but everybody. It made you want to be one of them and a part of something bigger than yourself.

    SB: After serving in the United States Marine Corps, I wanted to continue the honor and privilege of public service in order to keep where we live and where we work safe places to fully enjoy the highest quality of life.

    Reflections on those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice.

    CS: I’m reminded this week of all of the cases of slain Police Officers that I have worked on throughout my career as a Police Officer, but mostly as a Detective. Every case you’ve ever worked as a Detective was practice for the day you had to work on a case where an officer was killed. You had to take extra care that it was done right; there could be no mistakes, no shortcuts. You had to resist your emotions. You had to resist political and peer pressure. You had to resist the calls for street justice. You have to keep in mind the families that you are speaking for, and you could never forget that but for the Grace of God that could’ve been any one of us.  

    The best way that we can honor the fallen is by truly never forgetting and being there for their families, and passing the memories down to future generations of police officers so they are not just names on a plaque but real people to those who might not have known them but wear the same shield.

    SB: Those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice are true heroes; giving their lives is the highest commitment to country, community, and profession in a selfless act to protect others. That level of devotion to duty should never be forgotten and always remembered whenever in the presence of a law enforcement officer. Their sacrifice is unforgettable, eternally memorialized through those who take the Oath of Office, wear the badge, and are currently on watch – serving and protecting.

    What does it mean to transition to a role where you can work with LE to bring technology to the agency to keep officers safe?

    SB: It’s a privilege to transition into a role that uses technology to increase officer safety and provide law enforcement agencies with an investigative advantage over the criminal element. I truly believe that making use of smart technology for intelligence analysis will further the success and security of those on the front lines of public safety.

    What advice do you have for those who are still on the field?

    CS: My best advice for those still in the field is to be present at the moment. Don’t wish your career away counting the days until retirement. Be there for your fellow Officers, back them up on and off duty. Be careful but not paralyzed. Do your job well and don’t apologize for it, and be the good partner you wish you had.

    SB: Use every tool you have at your disposal to maximize threat assessment and minimize operational risk with the primary objective of always returning home safely at the end of every shift.            

    Stay tuned this week as we share the stories of our team member’s time in law enforcement.