Parking scofflaw solution based on same technology that has helped recover billions of dollars for auto finance companies

LIVERMORE, Calif. (May 19, 2017) – Parking scofflaws, those individuals that have repeatedly violated the law and not paid for parking privileges, represent millions of dollars in losses to municipalities nationwide. Now, the same technology and vehicle location data that is being used by auto finance companies to recover up to 22% more vehicles, is available to parking enforcement to find scofflaws and recover parking fines. With Vigilant’s no-risk offer, parking enforcement agencies can easily and efficiently recover more lost parking revenue by simply uploading their hotlists and getting alerts every time a vehicle on the hotlist is seen to take appropriate recovery actions.

“It’s shocking how much revenue cities and municipalities are losing to scofflaws. I’ve seen some cities that stand to recover tens of millions of dollars. Many of these same cities recognize Vigilant as the industry leader providing vehicle location data and analytics for law enforcement to help solve crimes. Now they are turning to Vigilant to address help them recover millions in lost parking revenue,” said Brian Shockley, Vice President of Product Management at Vigilant Solutions.

“This really is zero-risk for cities when you consider the return on investment. For example, if a city has 5000 scofflaws a month averaging $1000 in outstanding fees, and that city is able to recover 22% of those outstanding fees, that’s $1.1 million recovered. And all they have to do is upload their scofflaw list and start getting alerts. The sheer volume of our vehicle location data, plus the real-time alerting means more chances to recover parking fines. It’s proven for the auto finance industry, and now parking can reap those same benefits,” added Shockley.

Vigilant’s scofflaw solution provides a nationwide network of vehicle location data that is gathered 24/7, 365 days a year from license plate recognition (LPR) detections. This vehicle location data including six billion nationwide detections and live, real-time detections, has resulted in a 22% rate of locating vehicles in other markets, and now agencies can easily leverage this data to identify scofflaws by simply uploading their hotlists – no cameras or IT investment required. Once a hotlist is loaded, the vehicle location data maps to scofflaws and sends an alert every time a vehicle on the list is spotted. Using Vigilant’s scofflaw alerting solutions, parking enforcement accelerates recovery efforts, lowers costs and recovers more money. Scofflaw alerts can be pushed to normal dispatch functions via mobile or text alerts, emails or other notifications for the fastest, most efficient actions.

Cities or parking enforcement agencies interested in Vigilant’s free trial offer for scofflaw alerting can sign up here:

Vigilant’s scofflaw alerting solution will be presented at the International Parking Institute Parking and Expo, May 21-24, 2017, at booth #617.