Vigilant Solutions was recently made aware of some outdated and misleading information in the media regarding the Vigilant Solutions Terms and Conditions document previously posted on our LEARN website. LEARN is a cloud-based analytic solution for license plate reader (LPR) data, and is also the primary tool by which law enforcement accesses our national LPR database.

    Vigilant would like to provide you with the facts on this issue as televised last Friday: (

    1. The document referenced was outdated and no longer exists on our website.
    2. Our current policy, as referenced in current documentation on our website, is not intended to minimize any media interaction, but rather advise agencies that they should be careful in what they choose to disclose as this information may provide an impetus for counter measures to be employed by the criminal elements.
    3. Vigilant Solutions engages with the media on an almost daily basis, and certainly welcomes media coverage.
    4. Vigilant Solutions encourages its customers to share success stories with the media, properly channeled through their PIO for review, to help educate the public on the benefits that LPR is delivering to the community.

    Vigilant’s products protect officers, families and communities. The data stored by Vigilant Solutions contains no personal information, and an existing Federal Law known as the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) prevents the connection of personal information to a license plate number except under a defined set of circumstances. Vigilant voluntarily helps ensure compliance with DPPA as well as relevant state laws and agency policies via agency management controls, strict user permissions, complete auditing and reporting features of our products.