A Vigilant license plate recognition (LPR) system was recently installed on a Springfield Police Department 2011 Ford Crown Victoria. In operation, it will be able to read stationary and moving license plates using three mounted cameras that feed the information to an onboard computer connected to local, state, and national law enforcement databases.

    The Vigilant Mobile LPR system compares the plate numbers against these databases to determine if a vehicle or plate is stolen, or if the driver is wanted for a crime.  The information obtained by the plate reader can also be shared with regional and national law enforcement agencies.

    “By connecting regionally and nationally, we will receive information on vehicles we normally would not have received,” Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams said in a news release.

    “This, in turn, could lead to the apprehension of wanted and dangerous subjects in our area. It allows us to search the database for investigative information, which will only enhance our efforts to solve a multitude of crimes.”

    The system was awarded to the City of Springfield and Springfield Police Department by the Missouri Police Chiefs Association at no charge.

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