Meet the people behind our technology – Vigilant’s team of subject matter experts who advise our product team on what agencies and communities need to be successful in promoting safety, interrupting and preventing threats and reducing crime.

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Our team has more than just expertise; they understand what it means to have the right tools for the job. Not only do they work hand-in-hand with our product developers, they also train teams all over the globe on how to use the best technology available to enhance community safety.

Intelligence is actionable. And that’s what law enforcement agencies need to develop more leads and solve more crimes effectively and efficiently. Vigilant’s investigative platform provides actionable intelligence for agencies of all sizes.

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License plate recognition (LPR)

Work with our expert to understand how real-time alerts from LPR cameras can make a difference when interrupting threats or crime.

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Parking and mobility solutions

With the help of our experts, see how locating offenders can be easier with the help of LPR enabled parking enforcement operations.

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