Roger Rodriguez

Detective, NYPD (retired)

Vigilant Solutions Client Relations Team

Roger Rodriguez is passionate about interrupting and preventing potential threat actors. On September 11, 2001, Roger was working as a first responder with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and assisted with the rescue and recovery efforts. The experience inspired him to specialize in police technology. Roger’s success in the communications division with technology and data analytics earned him a place in the Intelligence division, where he worked with large scale hotels and businesses on a three-year infrastructure and security assessment of New York City. He also briefed emergency services personnel on daily intelligence-driven maneuvers and served as a dignitary protection specialist providing protection to world leaders including the U.S. president.

Roger was instrumental in helping to develop the Real Time Crime Center for the NYPD, and also spearheaded the agency’s facial recognition department, both of which are recognized as models for data analytics and facial recognition technology globally. As a core member of the Client Relations Team, he is a thought leader in the field and has authored numerous publications, given media interviews and leadership presentations on executive security management.

Areas of expertise

Crime Gun Intelligence
License plate reader technology
Mobile Companion products
Facial recognition

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