Success Stories

Success Stories

Protect LPR With Positive Legislation

Delete, delete, delete! This is the battle cry of privacy advocates around the world, and it is working its way...

Vigilant Solutions Enables Over 217,000 Law Enforcement LPR Data Sharing Relationships

Vigilant Solutions announces today that its hosted LEARN software enables 217,751 agency-to-agency license plate reader (LPR) data sharing relationships...

Looking for an Intelligent LPR Debate

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to discuss the use of license plate recognition (LPR) technology at an...

The original LPR cloud

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we are truly flattered. Always innovating and providing visionary products, Vigilant...

Use License Plate Recognition to Help Catch Crooks

No one likes to think that their city is prone to crime; however, we all know that crimes are...

LPR 101 – Debunking the Myths of License Plate Recognition

Take 2 (yes only 2) minutes of your time and watch this short video from Law Officer. It does a...

LPR Invades Privacy!

"LPR Invades Privacy" is the chant of many following a report issued earlier this week and widely recirculated in...

Flemington Police Get a New Crime Fighting Tool in License Plate Reader

People wanted on warrants would be well advised to drive someone else’s car through the borough. Or just surrender. In...

Conyers Police get assist from Vigilant License Plate Reader (LPR)

A Conyers Police officer using a Vigilant license plate reader (LPR) recovered a vehicle stolen in Virginia from Hertz...

License Plate Recognition – Privacy and Data Retention

In 2012, Vigilant partnered with its law enforcement partners in California to defeat a Bill attempting to severely limit...

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