Success Stories

Success Stories

Vigilant ANPR / LPR Used to Apprehend Rolex Thief

A license plate reader provided by The Mall at Short Hills helped Millburn police identify the suspect in the...

Vigilant Announces LPR Success Story Contest

Vigilant is very thankful for the many agencies and officers using LPR / ANPR to improve the safety of...

IACP Releases Policy & Operational Guidance for LPR Use

Following its resolution on LPR technology as an effective tool for law enforcement, the IACP has just released a...

Mobile Companion Now Available for the iPhone

The popular Mobile Companion product is now available for the iPhone via the Apple App Store. Providing officers the...

Biometrics, Field Interviews and Interrogations

What You Need to Know An important role in the prevention of crime and the apprehension of criminals is a...

Solving Cases with LPR Data

When a person's life is in danger, police use all available resources. When a child is involved, the stakes...

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