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Tags Automatic number plate reader

Novato Police Make an Arrest Using Vigilant LPR / ANPR

A Vigilant license plate / number plate reader (LPR / ANPR) in a Novato Police patrol car identified a stolen car that was being driven on Highway 101 early Saturday morning, leading to the...

Portage Police use Vigilant LPR / ANPR as investigative tool

Cruising down a city street Thursday afternoon, the Portage Police Department's newest tool honed in on license plates of nearby vehicles. The automated license plate reading system installed in the 2007 unmarked squad car used...

Vigilant Solutions Improves Road Safety in Jonesboro

Vigilant Solutions announces today that its mobile license plate /number plate recognition (LPR / ANPR) product is used by the Jonesboro Police Department in Georgia to improve road safety. Jonesboro Chief of Police Franklin Allen...

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