Vigilant exceeds goals after one year of introducing LPR-enabled solutions to the parking industry

    A year ago at the International Parking and Mobility Institute Conference and Expo 2018, we launched Vigilant Parking Solutions. After spending years working with law enforcement and innovating new solutions surrounding license plate recognition technology,  we began working with the parking industry to provide new, user-friendly technology to allow parking operations to more efficiently enforce their paid, permitted and time-limited parking zones.

    Today, my team and I are back at IPMI 2019 and are proud to say that Vigilant is changing the way that communities look at parking strategies. We have over a dozen integration partners and customer commitments in more than 100 locations in the United States and abroad – exceeding our internal first-year goals by almost 10 percent. More importantly, Vigilant is looking to the future, helping parking operations in communities of all sizes find solutions that will best serve their customers.

    One of the ways Vigilant is leading the industry is through digital chalking. After the recent ruling by the Sixth Circuit Federal Appeals Court declaring physical chalking unconstitutional, communities across the nation are looking for digital chalking solutions that are quick to implement, to accomplish the same goals of traditional parking enforcement. Not only does digital chalking allow parking enforcement officers to quickly enforce parking, but this also produces actionable data to help the operation make decisions on how to best enforce the community or campus. While enforcing, parking enforcement officers can also assist in identifying scofflaw vehicles with unpaid parking citations, while having the option to work closely with local law enforcement to promote community safety.

    A hallmark of Vigilant’s approach in all sectors has always been to follow a customer-centric business model, matching our customer’s needs with solutions, as well as learning more about how to improve our technology. This results in customized strategies, rather than a one-size-fits-all mentality. Current parking solutions customers include municipal parking operations, private parking operators, universities and commercial properties. According to one of our customers from the City of Pensacola, Florida, implementing Vigilant Solutions’ technology has created an “improved parking experience for everyone.” This means, quite literally, breaking down barriers to parking enforcement, enabling a license-plate enabled ecosystem and providing reliable technology for front-line enforcement staff. Not only does LPR technology create a more convenient experience for enforcement staff, but it also helps management understanding occupancy trends and staff performance in the field

    We are proud to have worked with our partners over the last year, and we expect that as we expand, we will bring our expertise to more communities, learning as much from them as we do from our own team of experts. I am excited to see what the next year will bring!