Vigilant Solutions announces today that its mobile license plate /number plate recognition (LPR / ANPR) product is used by the Jonesboro Police Department in Georgia to improve road safety.

Jonesboro Chief of Police Franklin Allen states, “I was a non-believer; I was a skeptic. I simply did not believe that the system could do everything I was being told it could do. I had heard negative comments about LPR from surrounding agencies using other competitive systems, and this tainted my view of the technology.” Chief Allen’s opinion quickly changed.

“We set up a trial of the system early this year. We got into the vehicle and pulled onto a 6-lane highway. Within the first 5 minutes we had 3 hits,” comments Chief Allen. “I was impressed but not yet convinced. We kept the trial in operation for 30 days, and after reviewing the statistics and getting general feedback from my officers, I realized that we had found a real game changer. The officers loved the system and commented on its ease of use, and the results that we saw in those first five minutes were not out of the ordinary.”

Chief Allen continues, “I saw a great opportunity to address an issue that I feel strongly about. There is a problem around the country of drivers without insurance, suspended registrations and expired tags. This population of drivers presents a safety threat to other law-abiding citizens using our roadways. These drivers tend to have a greater likelihood of being in accidents or being involved in other mischief. And when someone is involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, there are financial consequences for all of us.”

Jonesboro deployed its first system in May and began monitoring license plates against various criminal databases such as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and local City warrants. In addition to these criminal databases, Jonesboro also deployed hotlists for uninsured drivers and drivers with suspended registrations or expired tags. In just two months, using the Vigilant LPR system, Jonesboro identified over 300 of these types of violations. “In addition to enforcing these violations and improving the safety for other drivers, these types of violations also carry a fine. Our City has a 60-65% collection rate, so the system literally paid for itself in the first 2-3 months. Based on these results, we just approved purchasing our second Vigilant system.” concludes Chief Allen.

Pierre Leroy, Chief Executive Officer for Vigilant, states, “We are always very proud to hear of results like those seen in Jonesboro. We congratulate Chief Allen and his team for their vigilance and look forward to hearing many more stories of their success.”

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