Vigilant Solutions announces today that improvements in its public safety data systems are helping to fund improvements in local communities.  Vigilant’s public safety data systems, which incorporates license plate recognition (LPR), are used by thousands of agencies every day to provide improved officer safety, enhance investigations, locate Amber Alerts, and more.  Now, they are helping communities to improve safety and overall quality of living.

Constable Mark Vojvodich, of Bexar County Precinct Three, is responsible for an area that includes seven municipalities and unincorporated areas including San Antonio covering some 319 square miles and a population of over 630,000 residents.  One of his primary duties is the enforcement of outstanding Justice of the Peace (JP) Warrants which currently amount to over $95 million in his county alone.  “Fines discourage unsafe driving habits – habits that are proven to endanger lives and property,” comments Vojvodich.  “The goal of enforcing these fines is to place a consequence on the shoulders of those committing offenses, in hopes that this will drive voluntary compliance of our laws over time and result in safer roadways and lives saved.  Many do not realize that these JP Warrants can offset property taxes and help fund better schools, improved infrastructure, and other items that benefit the community as a whole.”

Constable Vojvodich began using LPR as a way to aid in his enforcement efforts stating, “LPR improves my ability to do this duty while also making it more convenient for those with outstanding warrants.  I must have researched, spoken with, and / or trialed at least six or seven vendors.  We selected Vigilant based on superior performance, great customer service and responsiveness, and because of unique features that no one else provided.”

“The benefits of using LPR for real-time in-the-field warrant enforcement go far beyond the efficiency gains for my Office and the benefits to the County and its residents.  Our system for enforcing actually benefits the citizens with the outstanding warrants by offering up a ‘friendlier’ interaction.   Our office is equipped to take payments in the field, and the majority will either make payment or arrange for payment with our officers.  Not only is this extremely convenient for the citizen, but it also provides them with a way to stay out of jail, avoid missing work, and avoid vehicle impound fees and other costs that they would incur under more traditional enforcement methods.”

“And we aren’t simply looking for warrants.  We are also using the system to simultaneously watch for stolen vehicles, felony warrants, Amber Alerts, sex offenders in places where they should not be, and other persons of interest.  We have numerous examples of our LPR system leading us to more serious criminal offenses involving weapons, narcotics, and more.”  Vojvodich concludes, “I’m very happy with the results, the service and the support we are receiving from Vigilant.”

Shawn Smith, Founder of Vigilant Solutions, states, “The story of Bexar County is something that could be duplicated anywhere in the Country.  It only takes a willing and motivated individual such as Constable Vojvodich to see the potential and make it happen.  We are happy to have Bexar County as a customer and look forward to hearing more of their success.”

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