Integration Delivers Municipalities, Universities and Commercial Entities A Comprehensive Solution to Expedite Parking Payment and Management 

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 13, 2018Vigilant Solutions, an AI and data analytics company, today announced it has teamed with ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S., to provide municipalities, universities and commercial entities with a solution designed to expedite payment verification of parking permits and pay-by-phone accounts by enforcement officers. The integration creates a powerful parking payment verification solution by combining ParkMobile’s parking permit and pay-by-phone systems with Vigilant Solutions’ cloud-based software and license plate recognition (LPR) detections, which includes the date, time and location of the vehicle siting.

“We are excited to be working with ParkMobile to help enable its customers to better enforce parking programs and ensure compliance,” said Shawn Smith, Founder and President of Vigilant Solutions. “Additionally, this integration benefits both ParkMobile’s municipal customers and local law enforcement agencies because we provide a platform that allows municipal parking operations to determine whether or not they want to share LPR data with local law enforcement counterparts to help keep communities safe. This is a significant differentiator for Vigilant Solutions, as we believe we are the only company providing an LPR solution to the parking market that truly allows parking operations to share data with local law enforcement.”

The joint solution works like this: the vehicle owner inputs his/her license number into the ParkMobile App or Website, which then shares the license plate numbers and parking session expiration dates/times with Vigilant Solutions’ back-office solution, Client Portal, which maintains a ‘whitelist’ of vehicles that are permitted to park in the location. The parking enforcement vehicle containing an LPR camera kit and in-vehicle software, CarDetector™ Mobile, communicates with the cloud-based Client Portal software to detect when a vehicle isn’t permitted to park at that location by creating a real-time alert in the vehicle, informing the enforcement officer of a potential violation.

“We are excited about this integration with Vigilant Solutions,” said Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “By leveraging the company’s LPR capabilities, we are helping our municipal clients to expedite their parking verification capabilities and streamline their compliance activities.”