Vigilant Solutions announces today that its fixed license plate recognition (LPR) cameras were credited in the apprehension of a man wanted for a recent bank robbery in Great Neck, New York.

Commissioner John “Jack” Miller explains, “A Chase bank branch in Great Neck was robbed on September 27th, and a woman witnessing the robbery provided information on the subject involved.  Using video surveillance from nearby businesses, we were able to locate a vehicle and subject matching the woman’s description.  This information coupled with our Village Camera system yielded a license plate number. The license plate number was then entered into our license plate recognition system to provide notification to the department when the vehicle was seen by one of our fixed LPR cameras, provided by Vigilant Solutions.  We implemented our LPR program almost five (5) years ago, and it will soon consist of around fifty (50) fixed cameras, along with several mobile systems.”

“Roughly one week later,” continues Commissioner Miller, “the vehicle passed one of the fixed LPR cameras, generating an alert that the suspect vehicle had entered the village.  We notified other area police departments on the peninsula who helped to locate the vehicle.  Within about 45 minutes we had the suspect in custody, and he was charged with first degree robbery and first degree use of a criminal firearm.”

Commissioner Miller concludes, “The system will soon cover all entrances to our village.  While it is typically used to identify uninsured and stolen vehicles, this is a great example that demonstrates how the system assisted in a major crime and helped us apprehend an individual that presented a threat to our peaceful community.  It’s also important to note that the system is not used for red light violations or revenue generation of any type – it exists solely to protect our officers and our citizens by allowing us to be more efficient in locating vehicles associated with criminal activity.  Clearly, it is working.”

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