Vigilant Solutions announces today that its LEARN® analytic suite is now able to conduct searches of its LPR data based on year, make and model criteria.

Tom Joyce, Vice President of Product Development and retired NYPD Lieutenant, Commander of Detectives, states, “I often talk about the investigative process as a continuum involving a person, a location, and a vehicle. It is common to have one – or sometimes two – of the elements, but very rare to have all three. Vigilant helps to connect the dots and fill in the missing pieces of information. As it relates to vehicles, it is always nice to have a license plate or partial plate, but again, this is not that common as eyewitnesses are more prone to recognize what is familiar to them…the make or model of the car, maybe a rough idea of the model year, and color. These are things often heard during the interview process. Because of this reality, we looked for – and found – a way to translate a license plate number, as read by one of our cameras, into a reliable year, make and model. This is a pivotal moment for Vigilant and its customers.”
Year, Make and Model Query of LPR Data

A long-time user of LPR, Lieutenant Chris Morgan of the Long Beach Police Department in California, adds “Without a full or partial plate, it was historically very difficult for investigators or detectives to find a vehicle using traditional LPR search methods. We’ve had countless cases where we have only been able to search based on location and date, which sometimes results in literally thousands of vehicles that someone has to review…often to no avail. The ability to filter down thousands of vehicles to a select few based on a known make and model really revolutionizes the LPR search.  This functionality has been sought after for years, and I am glad to see that Vigilant was able to deliver on this need and is already working on further enhancements to this feature.  It will save us many hours, and will result in leads much quicker, enabling us to make quicker apprehensions…reducing future crime and potentially saving lives in the process.”

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Brian Shockley
Brian has 15 years of marketing and product management experience. Prior to joining Vigilant Solutions, Brian has held senior marketing roles with NDI Recognition Systems, PIPS Technology, and Aldis. Other work experience includes product management and marketing leadership positions with John Deere, Valvoline, and Bullard. Brian’s educational background includes a BS degree from Carson Newman College, an MBA from the University of Tennessee, and Strategic Marketing Management Executive Education from Harvard Business School.
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